Monthly Prayer Chain

Please pray for the requests below:


  • Pastor & his family
  • The leaders & Saints
  • The finances of our church & Saints; Loose the elect angels Acts 12:11

Binding & Loosing

  • “BTS” of Fear & “LTS” of love, power & discipline thought
  • “BTS” of the Anti-Christ & “LTS” of Truth
  • “BTS” of Bondage & “LTS” of Liberty / Spirit of Adoption Rom 8:15
  • “BTS” of religious traditions & “LTS” of Truth & Revelation
  • Loose your Mighty Angels to Bind the Prince of LaSalle  Rev 10:1
  • Loose thy Cherubims to protect the Leaders, Saints etc. Ps.99:1, Gen 3:24
  • Loose thy Seraphims to restore, revive thy church Rev 22:16, Isa 6:2 6,6
  • The Body in LaSalle will stand perfect & Complete in all the will of God
  • Loose the Spirit of intercessor on your Saints
*P.S as the Lord leads add to the list
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